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On this site, we include news and initiatives we want to support. Progressively the site will provide political information concerning abortion all over the world.

First meeting of the African Youth Safe Abortion Alliance (Johannesburg, South Africa, 1 - 3 April 2015)
P 03/15

FIAPAC Statement on the use of Misoprostol in Women’s Health Care: The Andalusian authorities have banned use of misoprostol via non-oral routes
E 10/11

Campaign to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Belgian law decriminalizing abortion
F 03/10

Management of Unintended and Abnormal Pregnancy
E 03/10: A state of the art textbook in English which want to serve as a standard evidence-based reference text in abortion care

Spain expands legal access to abortion (Guttmacher Institute)
E 03/10

 The Spanish Senate, with a conservative majority, definitively passes the new bill- Women may terminate their pregnancy up to week 14 without a reason being required (El País)
E 03/10

 ACAI expresses its satisfaction at the passing of the sexual and reproductive health and voluntary interruption of pregnancy bill
E 03/10

 ASTRA Central and Eastern European Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductuve Health
E 01/10

The Guardian article about Waren Hern: 'The last abortionist - Warren Hern is no ordinary doctor. He has lived under siege for 25 years, and seen eight of his colleagues assassinated. Even some of his own patients want him dead. John H Richardson meets the last late-term abortionist in America'
E 01/10

 Statement from the Board of FIAPAC on the murder of Dr George Tiller
E 06/09

 Mirella Parachini, M.D., the President of Fiapac about 
RU 486 in Italy: a bad game played without spectators: 
But where are the women?
E 12/09

 Spanish antiabortionists "mujeres periodistas" go with their opposition against the governmental legal proposition to the European parliament in Brussels 
Es 11/09 

 Mobilisation for the reopening of closed abortion center in Tenon (France) 
F 11/09

 Mifegyne® (RU 486 / Mifepristone) authorisée en Italie 
F 07/09

 Letter to the Slovakian Parliament, 06/09: English comment
 An initiative of Christina Zampas,

Center for Reproductive Rights

Make Noise for Free Choice
Petition for Europe’s women’s right to free, legal and safe abortions

Updated WHO Guidance on Safe Abortion: Health and Human Rights