The Resolution of Spain 2014

FIAPAC Statement on the current situation regarding abortion in Spain


The International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Professionals (FIAPAC) recognizes the withdrawal of the Abortion Bill, promoted by the Spanish Government, as a triumph of civil society over those trying to curtail the freedom of women.

More than 500, professionals gathered in Ljubljana for the XIth FIAPAC Conference expressed their satisfaction with the withdrawal of a project that would have brought legal uncertainty and led to more than 100,000 women having unsafe abortions or having to travel abroad to access abortions.

However, they believe that the appeal presented by the Spanish Popular Party will, once again, criminalize abortion and make it unsafe as under Franco’s dictatorship.

FIAPAC asks the Spanish Government to dismiss the appeal, made by the popular party, to the Constitutional Court since such an appeal still threatens the current law.

Although FIAPAC is satisfied that the bill has been withdrawn, FIAPAC still wishes to emphasize that 80% of the Spanish population rejected the 'Gallardón law' and that 68% of Popular Party voters believe that women themselves should be able to decide on whether to have an abortion.

FIAPAC remains concerned that the withdrawal of the bill does not completely remove the danger to women and professionals, and that the party in government has appealed against the current liberal abortion law in the Constitutional Court, as they hope that the judiciary might declare it unconstitutional. For these reasons, FIAPAC calls for the dismissal of this latest appeal since this could become an alternative way to help establish one of the most restrictive laws of Spanish democracy.

Finally, FIAPAC would ask the Spanish Government to consider improving sex education and reproductive healthcare including access to free and effective contraception, as strategies to reduce unwanted pregnancy and, thus, the number of abortions.

October 2014