Interest groups

The board of FIAPAC analyzed the organization: what do we mean, what can we mean – what do we do, what can we do. One of the results was the idea of founding a few ‘interest groups’.

These groups, led by board members (but every FIAPAC member can join), work specifically around one theme. This can be either short- or long-term. The goal for some of these groups is still quite open and will be specified more in the next months.

At present we have the following interest groups:

Lobbying in Europe

Aim:  to place women's right to safe abortion in Europe on the agenda at the Commission for Reproductive Health and Women’s Affairs in Brussels.

FIAPAC Funding

Aim: to approach potential funders - to whole or part fund FIAPAC or joint FIAPAC/funder project to improve safe abortion and post-abortion care in Eastern Europe.

How to evaluate the congress

Aim: to increase the input/feedback from participants of the conference, so that we can adjust things where needed.

Mid-trimester provision


- to define minimum standards for both methods (surgical and medical)

- to keep knowledge of surgical techniques for back-up

- to promote modern medical abortion

- to initiate a welcome schedule for patients who need to travel for second-trimester abortion care

- methods of pain relief

Venues for next conferences

Aim: to have advanced planning of the most suitable venues for future conferences.

Ethical issues

Conscientious objection

Maybe you feel interested in thinking and co-working in one of these groups? You are very welcome! Mail us at for more information.

Maybe you just have some ideas about these themes that you want to share with us? Feel free to mail us your comments, or questions...!